Seed Potatoes

We deliver seed potatoes for contract cultivation and free cultivation. 3 Point Potatoes can deliver seed potatoes to growers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Besides common seed potatoes, we can also deliver organic seed potatoes.

VarietyMaturityCooking TypePurposeMarket Segment
AgataMedium earlyBTableExport
AgriaLateBFrench friesExport/French fries
AlegriaMedium earlyA/BTable/French friesFor washing
AlexandraMedium earlyATableFor washing
AlliansMedium lateATableFor washing
AnaisVery earlyBTableFor washing
AnnabelleEarlyATableFor washing
AnnalenaMedium earlyATableFor washing
Asterix (Red skin colour)Medium lateBFrench friesExport/French fries
Baltic Fire (Red skin colour)Medium lateBTableFor washing
BelanaMedium earlyATableFor washing
BerberVery earlyBTableFor washing
Bildtstar (Red skin colour)Medium lateBTableFor washing
BintjeMedium lateB/CTable/French friesFrench fries
ChallengerMedium lateBFrench friesFor washing/French fries
CharlotteMedium lateATableFor washing
CilenaMedium lateA/BTableFor washing
Desiree (Red skin colour)Medium lateBTableExport
DoreEarlyBTableFor washing
EerstelingEarlyBTableFor washing
FelsinaMedium earlyBFrench friesFrench fries
FontaneMedium lateBFrench friesFrench fries
FrieslanderVery earlyBTable/French friesFor washing/French fries
GalaMedium earlyBTableFor washing
InnovatorMedium lateBFrench friesFrench fries
JellyLateBTable/French friesFor washing/French fries/Export
JuwelMedium earlyBTableFor washing
Lady ChristlEarlyA/BTableFor washing
Laura (Red skin colour)Medium lateBTableFor washing/Export
LillyMedium earlyCTableFor washing
MarabelMedium earlyBTableFor washing
MarkiesVery lateBFrench friesFrench fries
MelodyMedium lateBTableFor washing/Export
MontanaMedium earlyBTableFor washing
MusicaMedium earlyA/BTableFor washing/Export
NicolaMedium lateA/BTableFor washing
PremiereEarlyBTable/French friesFrench fries
Rode Eersteling (Red skin colour)EarlyBTableFor washing
Red Fantasy (Red skin colour)Medium lateBTableFor washing/Export
ReginaMedium lateATable (Baby cultivation)For washing
SolistVery earlyBTableFor washing
Valery (Red skin colour)Medium lateATable(Baby cultivation)For washing
VictoriaMedium lateBTable/French friesFrench fries
ZenEarlyATableFor washing

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