3 Point Potatoes offers cultivations on contract in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The contract types for each of the segments are:

French Fries Potatoes

  • Day price
  • Fixed price

Table Potatoes

  • Day price
  • Fixed price
  • Minimum-Maximum Price

Export Potatoes

  • Day price

We provide extensive guidance for  every cultivation on contract.

Aardappelen 3 Point Potatoes
Aardappelen 3 Point Potatoes
Aardappelen 3 Point Potatoes


Speciaal aardappel ras

We also cultivate special varieties. These include:

  • Roseval
  • La Ratte
  • Violine de Borée

Sweet Potatoes

3 Point Potatoes participates in the project: Cultivation of Sweet Potatoes in the Netherlands.

Cultivation sweet potatoes yield 2020. Located in Zuid-Limburg, The Netherlands.

Sweet potatoes

Exclusive - Baltic Fire

Baltic Fire, a potato with deep red skin and a yellow flesh colour. This variety is scab resistant and can be cultivated using less nitrogen than other common varieties in the red skin segment. Baltic Fire is now exclusively available for the Dutch market by 3 point potatoes.

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